Swimming pools can provide lots of fun for your family during hot, summer days, but they require quite some effort to maintain. Here is some helpful information to consider if you want your pool to remain as new as the day you installed it.

The Importance of Having a Pool Pump

A pool pump is the core of the circulation system in any swimming pool. Its primary job is to pull water from the main drain and replace it by pushing fresh water into the heater, filter and any other designated areas.

Types of Pool Pumps

There are two primary types of pool pumps, above and in ground water pumps. Each of these comes in different sizes in order to cater to everyone's needs. Above ground pumps have a huge filter bag that collects debris and prevents it from leaking inside the pool. This pump requires significantly less maintenance and also features a high capacity motor with overload protection. Its primary feature is the high flow action system, which is extremely efficient for rapid filtering cycles.

Advantages of Above Ground Pumps

Besides the high flow action system, installing an above ground pool pump comes with a wide variety of advantages, some of which include:

  • The presence of a large filter basket that aims to reduce the amount of unwanted materials that gets into your pool.
  • It has a high capacity motor. This is important because the proper functioning of the pool pump is heavily reliant upon the quality of the motor used. With a low quality motor, your pump will fail to work properly and can require frequent repairs.
  • It features an automatic overload controller, which ultimately helps you control when the pump will purify your pool. This allows you to save money on energy bills by not having the pump work continuously.
  • Low maintenance needs. You could get by with checking for problems for a couple minutes every month. By fixing small problems as you notice them, you can prevent them from ballooning into migraines.

Disadvantages of Above Ground Pumps

The primary disadvantage of these pumps occurs only when they are installed incorrectly. If you choose an undersized pump, that is, a pump that cannot effectively clean a pool by itself, you will end up paying more on electricity bills since the pump will take longer to clean the pool. Most pool pump kits come with matching pump sizes, but if you have a custom sized pool, you may need to seek professional help from a company like Shenton Pumps when buying a pool pump.