The filter and pump for your pool are very important, as the filter catches all sorts of sand, grit, dirt and other contaminants, and the pump is what pulls the water through the filter in the first place. You need a filter that is large enough to work for the volume of water in your pool as well as the number of contaminants you might have in the water, and a pump that is strong enough to pump the volume of water as quickly as needed. Note a few quick but important tips for choosing a filter and a pump for your pool.

1. Surface area

Pump sizes and filter sizes coordinate to the surface area of the pool, so this is where you need to start. When you buy a pool, you're usually told the surface areas or the capacity of the pool. You might still have an owner's manual on hand from when you had the pool installed, so check if the measurements are noted. If you don't have an owner's manual or don't know the surface area, measure the pool; for a rectangular pool, measure the length and then the width and multiply these two numbers. A pool that is 15 feet by 10 feet would then be 150 square feet for the surface area.

For a rounded pool, the math formula is very simple. Note the radius of the pool, meaning the width from the center of the pool to an outside wall. Multiply that by itself, then multiply that by 3.14. So, if the pool is ten feet from the center to one outside wall, you would multiply 10 by 10, to get 100. Multiply that by 3.14, and you have 314 square feet on the surface area. 

2. Turnover rate

The turnover rate is how long it takes all the water in your pool to completely run through the filter. The turnover rate will depend on the pool filter size and the strength of the pump. Many cities and other local areas have health code ratings that dictate the minimum turnover rate for a pool, and you need to know if such regulations apply in your area. If so, you then choose a filter and pump size that can manage the surface area of your pool according to the required turnover rate. In some cases, you may even want to choose a larger or stronger pump and filter, just to ensure your water is always clean.

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