When having a new pool built on your property, you may need to choose the pool surface. Plain concrete can be very drab and dull and not feel good against your skin, so adding something to that surface will make it more attractive and more comfortable. Note a few common choices and then discuss these with your pool installer so you choose the right one for your home.


A vinyl liner is a favorite option for many pool owners as the liner is very soft against the skin, so it makes for comfortable walking. It also reduces the risk of scrapes and cuts for those who might dive into the pool or swim underwater. A liner can also protect the concrete as it provides a barrier against the water in the pool, so the concrete won't be as likely to get cracks and chips over the years from absorbing so much moisture. However, liners do need replacing after some time as they may suffer tears and holes, so you need to figure this expense into your pool budget.


The tiles used for pools are not like the tiles in your home's bathroom; pool tiles are rugged and more durable so they're less likely to break from the weight of water above them. They also make for a poor host to algae and other contaminants, so they can keep your pool cleaner than a bare pool surface. Another advantage to tile is their appearance; a mosaic tile on the pool floor can be a very unique look, or you might opt for a personalized tile design such as having your initial or a favorite slogan written out at the bottom of the pool.


An aggregate is a substance added to the top of concrete to make it bumpier and more attractive. You might opt for an aggregate if you're worried about children slipping on the surface of the pool, as aggregates provide more traction. An aggregate made with a soft, buffed glass can add shine to your pool, so if you live in an area without a lot of direct sunlight, this might be a good choice; the soft glass will offer the best reflection of the sunlight you can get. Aggregates are offered in a wide range of colors so if you want something other than a standard blue or white pool surface, you might choose a soft tan color to match the stone around your pool or something in an emerald green color for a rich and luxurious tone.

Talk to your swimming pool construction worker for more information about your pool surface options.