The recent coverage of the bright green (and odourous) diving pool at the Rio Olympics has had many pool owners reviewing their pool hygiene routines to make sure they don't have some similar issues at home. Here are some tips to make sure that your pool stays clear this summer. 

Check the chemicals

One of the main reasons that pools can turn an unusual colour or get a bad smell is that the pool chemistry is out of control, which allows bacteria or algae to breed in the water, as has been the case in Rio. This can be particularly vigorous in warmer climates. The best way to manage this is to regularly check the water and make sure that the pool is the correct pH, as well as dosing the pool with chlorine to stop the buildup of bacteria or algae. 

Check the pump

In addition to adequate pool chemistry, the water also need to be agitated so the chemicals can be distributed throughout the pool. This also helps limit the growth of algae and bacteria, which tend too grow in warm, stagnant water. Keeping the pool water moving helps to keep it fresh and clear. 

Limit the amount of bacteria getting in the pool

For bacteria and algae to build up in the pool, they have to initially be introduced. Ensuring that everyone who enters the pool has showered, and if applicable wears a swim nappy, can help to dramatically reduce the amount of bacteria that the pool chemicals need to sterilise.

Other sources of bacteria can include leaves, twigs and nuts from surrounding trees or bird poop from your local flying friends. It's a good idea to keep your pool covered when you are not using it to make sure that your pool stays as clean as possible. 

Get your swimming pool serviced regularly

It can be very sensible to get your pool and pool equipment serviced once a year. By performing regular service and maintenance, you can prevent your equipment from failing. Additionally, this allows you to plan any necessary replacements (rather than waiting until you have a problem, then needing to order new parts and having to get the contractor out in the middle of summer when they are busiest).  

There is no need to have a stinky or strangely coloured pool if you follow these simple tips. If you have any questions about the best ways to maintain your pool, then you should speak to your friendly swimming pool contractor.