There are plenty of things to think about when you get a swimming pool, but probably the most important is whether to go for an above-ground model or an in-ground model. Most homeowners naturally gravitate towards in-ground, but there are actually plenty of compelling benefits that go along with an above-ground pool, and here are just five.

1. You Want to Keep Costs Down

Probably the most compelling and widely-cited reason for opting for an above-ground instead of an in-ground pool is that you'll lower your costs. Above-ground pools generally come as a kit, so installation is easy and raw materials aren't expensive. With an in-ground pool, a hole will need to be dug and then properly filled before the swimming pool itself can even be installed, so costs are naturally going to add up.

2. You Have Small Children or Pets

It's natural to worry about the safety of small children or pets when you get a swimming pool. After all, it could be dangerous business if one of them manages to fall in when you turn your head. It's usually much less likely for a pet or child to accidentally fall into an above-ground pool since you need to get in via a ladder. In contrast, it's very easy to fall into an in-ground pool. You should still of course be careful if you have an above-ground pool connected to your deck.

3. You Like It Hot

Most people prefer to swim around in warm water rather than cold. Unfortunately, in-ground pools tend to cool out quite quickly. That's not to case with above-ground pools since the warm air and sun's rays will hit the sides of the pool and help keep the water warm. It's also generally easier to fit a pool heater since nothing is buried beneath the ground.

4. You're Worried About Maintenance

People also worry about pool maintenance, but you won't have to worry as much with an above-ground pool. After all, any flaws will be easy to spot and easy to fix with nothing buried in the ground. Additionally, in-ground swimming pools can be damaged by the movement of the earth or rapidly changing temperatures.  

5. You Don't Have Much Space

Maybe you're blessed with acres of outside space, but most people aren't that lucky. The majority of houses have relatively small yards, and a swimming pool can make a sizeable addition. However, you can cut down the footprint by going with an above-ground pool. These are usually made in circular or oval shapes, with plenty of depth but not a huge amount of length of width. As such, they work well in smaller yards.

Talk with swimming pool builders to better understand your pool options.