Your pool might not see as much use during the winter, but that doesn't mean you can forget about it entirely. Engaging in a little pool maintenance during the winter goes a long way and allows you to enjoy it as soon as the warmer months come around.

Maintain the Pool's Chemistry

Once the summer season is over, test the pH of your pool to make sure it's within the manufacturer's recommended limits. Make adjustments accordingly and then repeat the process every two weeks.

Maintaining your pool's chemistry is a reliable way to prevent algae growth. By keeping your pool clean throughout the winter, you should be able to jump straight back in once you're ready to start swimming again. 

Tend to Your Pool's Filter

Your filter won't spend the winter working as hard as it just during the summer, but backwashing it is still necessary. Try doing it once every two weeks, preferably at the same time as testing the pH so that you don't forget.

Before performing your backwash, look around for debris that could clog the filter. In addition to reducing the filter's efficacy, debris may cause breakages. If you don't use a pool cover and there are lots of trees and bushes nearby, consider increasing your debris checks to once a week.

Perform a Little Poolside Maintenance

Your tiles, decking and lighting experience some heavy use during the summer. While you're having fun using your pool, you may not give them the attention they deserve. Because of this, you should see the winter as an ideal time to perform some poolside maintenance.

Give your tiles a thorough clean, re-oil the decking on a dry day and check the lights to ensure they're all working. These jobs aren't too time-sensitive, but make sure you complete them at least a couple of weeks before you start using your pool again.

Consider Using a Professional

If all of your winter pool maintenance efforts are too time-consuming, consider using a regular pool cleaning service. Even using someone once a month will significantly reduce your workload. The right professional will free your pool from debris, test the water and backwash your filter.

After dedicating a little time to caring for your pool during the winter, you can move onto enjoying it throughout the summer. If you don't have a pool cover already, consider investing in one to cover your pool and protect it against dirt.