Here are some tips to follow if you're about to host your first pool party.

Inspect your party-related pool supplies

First and foremost, you should ensure that the pool supplies you plan to use at the party are safe and that they look their best. For example, if you have a selection of pretty inflatable beds, tables and rings, you should not only make sure they're free of holes by inflating each one of them but should also wipe off any stains or dirt that built up on them whilst they were in your pool storage area. This will ensure that your guests don't have to lay on unhygienic inflatables or have to worry about slowing sinking whilst they're sunbathing in the middle of the pool.

Additionally, if you have a detachable pool slide that you're not accustomed to setting up, you should have a pool contractor put this slide in place for the party. If you attach the slide incorrectly, the guests who use it could get hurt if it tips over whilst they're sliding down it. As such, if you don't want your guests to leave your party with injuries, this item should be set up by a trusted contractor.

Get a pool contractor to check the pool's chemical levels and its filter

The pool will, of course, need to be cleaned in time for the party. If you're not yet used to managing the levels of chemicals in the water or to cleaning the filter, it's probably best to also have the contractor do these two tasks.

If you use the wrong quantity of your pool chemical supplies and mess up the water's pH, your guests may find that swimming in it makes their eyes and skin sting. Likewise, if you don't clean the filter correctly, not all of the dirt that gets transported into the water by your guests will get filtered and the water might, towards the end of your party, look murky and grey.

Having these tasks expertly done by your pool contractor will mean the water will look beautifully clean for the entirety of the pool party and the guests will be able to swim comfortably for as long as they want without experiencing the unpleasant aforementioned issues, because the pool water will have a safe pH level.

Contact a local pool contractor to learn more about swimming pool supplies you may need.