Adding a swimming pool in the backyard does a lot more than increase a property's value. For example, a swimming pool opens your home up to many different entertainment possibilities, especially in the summer when staying indoors is less fun. However, you can only get the most out of a swimming pool if you maintain the water. Unfortunately, most homeowners are not too enthusiastic about pool water maintenance. If you wait too long, your pool water deteriorates, making swimming less enjoyable and unhealthy. This article highlights weekly swimming pool maintenance tasks that homeowners or contractors can undertake.

Clear Pool Skimmer

When you see contaminants and debris, such as twigs, leaves, dust, sunscreen, lotions, body oils, and hair, floating on a pool, the chances are high that you will not go in. Fortunately, this is where a skimmer comes in handy. Notably, a skimmer works through a suction mechanism, which continuously draws surface water from a pool. Consequently, the process keeps pool water clear and clean, especially when a pool is in use. That said, a skimmer is only effective if you empty it regularly. Therefore, it is advisable to remove a swimming pool skimmer and empty its contents at least weekly.

Test Pool Water

A green pool is unsightly, unsanitary, and is expensive to fix. The best way to avoid a green pool is to ensure that chemical levels are optimal. Ideally, you are required to test pool water weekly, especially in the summer months. The reason is that sunlight has a degrading effect on chlorine. For instance, chlorine content reduces by as much as 90% if you leave pool water exposed to sunlight for only two hours. The action causes the chlorine in a swimming pool to turn into gas instead of mixing with the water. Therefore, test your pool water weekly, even if you do not use it regularly. Besides, some maintenance services can test your pool water for chemical balance within a short time. All you have to do is take a sample of pool water to their facility.

Check Filter and Backwash

A pool filtration system is another area that requires weekly maintenance. A swimming pool filter removes debris from the water and keeps the entire system working optimally. Therefore, take out the filter cartridges every week and clean them thoroughly. Most importantly, ensure that nothing remains on the filter membranes once you are done. Besides, remember to backwash a filter after cleaning it.